Frequently Asked Questions

About Credentials Platform

What is AKREDI App?

The ASEAN Digital Credentials Platform (AKREDI) is your one essential mobile application to store personal data and documents securely for seamless travel and verifications across the region. It offers seamless cross-border recognition of credentials, through verification of encrypted public data keys. Users have full control over personal data which is stored in their mobile phones, which they can opt to share as a QR code or at varying levels of detail.

At this initial stage, users can store their COVID-19 vaccination certificates. With your continuous support and valued suggestions as an AKREDI Co-Kreator, we aim to introduce more features and functions. This includes other essential credentials and certificates for the convenience of your travels.


Is my personal data safe?

Data extracted from QR code and vaccination certificates is stored locally in user’s mobile device and are automatically erased when users logout from the application.

Getting Started

How to download AKREDI App?

For android phone users, you can go to your Play Store. For iPhone users, you can go to your App Store.

Travel with AKREDI

Storing COVID related certificates in the AKREDI app

Please refer to the User Guide on AKREDI Functions.

Account Management

How to register an account?

Register your account by entering your name, valid e-mail address, password and confirming your password. Then click “Submit”.

Forgot username and password

Please refer to the user guide on Account Management.

Change password

Please refer to the user guide on Account Management.

Should I register my name the same as in my passport or can it be my shorter name?

You can use your shorter name since there is a 20 characters limit for your name.

Updates and Support

Will I get free updates and support

Yes, all AKREDI users will get free updates and support.

How can I get your support

You can email to us at or navigate to the Menu > Contact Us and on the dropdown menu, select Support.

Can AKREDI scan QR code / Vaccination HealthCert issued by all ASEAN countries?

The AKREDI MVP version is able to read only the QR code / Vaccination HealthCert issued by Brunei and Singapore. QR codes generated by other ASEAN countries will be supported in future releases.

Minimum hardware / software specs that the app supports

The application is supported on any smartphone that runs on Android 5.0 or IOS 11 and above.


Do I need an internet connection to use AKREDI app

To store a certificate, you will need an internet connection.
To display the information that is already stored in your App and generating its QR Code does not require an internet connection.

When logging in and entering my email address, there is an error saying "The email address is badly formatted"

There could be a spacing at the end of your email. Delete the extra space, and click Log In again.

Only one certificate can be stored at a time

The application will be able to store additional certificates in future releases.

I would like to add my Family members health certificates?

This feature is currently unavailable in the current MVP version.

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