Connecting UK Businesses to ASEAN’s Green and Digital Economy Through DagangBorneo

Haslina Taib, CEO of Dynamik Technologies and Chair of ASEAN BAC Brunei, recently presented DagangBorneo, the islandwide platform for digital trade and impact investment to UK business leaders and stakeholders.

The meetings and presentations were part of the ASEAN BAC Global Roadshow conducted in London, with BloombergNEF, UK-ASEAN Business Council, International Emissions Trading Association, the Lord Mayor of London, the Minister of Trade, University of Oxford, London Stock Exchange Group and various other stakeholder groups.

During the ASEAN BAC Business Reception, Puan Haslina shared that the ASEAN digital economy is expected to generate USD 1 trillion by 2030, and an additional USD 1 trillion from the green economy, with Borneo as the newest growth centre of ASEAN.

She welcomed UK businesses, especially those with ties to ASEAN, to invest and participate in Borneo’s green and digital economy, leveraging on the DagangBorneo platform. The platform will serve the Borneo economic corridor community in areas of sustainability, trade value chain and fintech, supported with digital trust solution AKREDI by ASEAN BAC Brunei and Dynamik Technologies.

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